Facelift Massage

I would like to invite all my current clients to book an appointment now for my new speciality, Facelift massage. On your first session we will discuss a treatment goal, whether it be toning and tightening the facial muscles, decreasing under eye puffiness, skin rejuvenation, or smoothing lines and unblocking facial holding patterns. An ideal treatment schedule might include 6, 12, or 18 sessions, requiring two to three times per week for maximum results.

Facelift massage is a non-invasive treatment that includes brush cleansing, aromatherapy essential oils, acupressure and lymph drainage strokes. Although surgical or injection techniques may have their place in self-care regimes, massage therapy that stimulates blood circulation in the facial and jaw regions can be more effective and without side effects. Whether for relaxation and pampering or for healing benefits, this method is gentle and incorporates high quality organic botanicals to enhance metabolic processes and bring back a beautiful glow.

Contact me at 253-332-8684 to hold my first available session.

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